Somewhere between love and madness is obsession, and so began our enthusiastic involvement with the Hungarian Puli breed in 1992.  Since then our breeding program has endeavoured to incorporate the world's best Puli lines by selectively breeding from imported and Champion lines, including those from America, Hungary, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

As breeders we are constantly striving to produce the best quality Pulis in soundness, type and temperament.  The success of our breeding program is not only demonstrated with our successes in the show ring, but also with the many happy people who have selected a Rustufarion Puli puppy. These Hungarian sheepdogs are an ancient and very unique breed that the Hungarians have treasured for centuries.

July 2014: Royson & Stella win the "Amish Challenge" at NOTH, a prize generously sponsored by Sue Huebner.

Royson Valore







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